Islam Awareness Week 2013


Last week week, the 30th September – 4th October, was Islam awareness week on campus whereby students not of the Islamic faith could learn more about the Islamic faith from Muslim students on campus and various speakers throughout the week. Allowing students to experience various facets of the islamic faith including listening to passages of the Qur’an (The holy book), letting students write on a board their perceptions of Islam, answering other students questions with regards to faith , experiencing islamic art and cultural aspects such as a mass prayer which was open to anyone and using mehndi (henna) as a artistic reference to the artistic side of the religion.





It was a wonderful idea by the MSA (Muslim students association) of UCT and being a little more than conflicted I wasn’t particularly certain of my own feelings towards the event.

I admit, i was highly skeptical and somewhat wary of the entire event at first. Similar to the reaction of a wild animal experiencing kindness for the first time. I didn’t trust it, I didn’t want to learn more but i found myself drawn to a topic which seemed strange and somewhat elusive to me. It fascinated me, this topic which was integral to my fathers life, taboo to my mothers and mocked and defamed by many media outlets because of preconceived ideals and common misconceptions fed to the masses by media and reporters who spend their lives rushing to meet deadlines with what is often considered to be sensationalistic hard hitting news. So instead of taking the time to do a little proper research and present the public with facts. The public is fed bite sized portions of propaganda which makes that pill much easier to swallow and believe.

I decided to take a step back from my preconceived ideals with regards to the religion to try and understand it from the viewpoint of a non-believer attempting to understand it ; without letting any of my own history and current interaction taint my perception.

Certain aspects of this awareness week I liked:
– The clothing collection for the underprivileged.
– The talks by various outsiders on the five pillars of Islam, the role of women in islam and the misconceptions of islam.
– The tours of the prayer room and the Jumu’ah prayer which was open to everyone.

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the talk on the misconceptions of Islam and the Jumu’ah prayer but I believe that it was set out wonderfully allowing people of other customs and religions to experience facets of Islam in ways that show what the religion is truly about. I recall the man who had given us the talk with regards to the misconceptions of Islam telling us that the Arabic root of the word Islam is derived from “slm” which encompasses not only humility and unity but peace as well. Others may not agree with me but I find that, that is my interpretation and I find that it does indeed seem that way. The speaker also mentioned the difference between religious and cultural beliefs, regardless of what people believe the two are not always interlinked therefore the cultural customs practiced in Saudi are not practiced in Somalia for example, even though people of both countries practice the Islamic faith. The cultural belief is different. The Jumu’ah prayer was enlightening as well, speaking about the duties of the child to his or her parents.


The main aspect I disliked about the event are the signs that some of the Muslim students held signs saying “Meet a Muslim” Or “meet another muslim” To me it seemed offensive and belittling to the believers, as if they were a strange anomaly with whom the rest of society is finally coming into contact with.


The other was somewhat funnier .. But only somewhat


However I believe that overall Islamic awareness week has actually created an awareness not only about the religion and the various misconceptions which surround it but about the people who practice it and the manner in which they came together to make this event a success. There were no pushy “you must convert” types it was just a beautiful experience.I found myself blessed with a desire to learn more, not because i am meant to (due to my fathers religious beliefs ) but because *I* wanted to. It had nothing to do with either of my parents but rather about what I wanted to learn.

One person remarked that my soul is searching for something more; an inner calm and peace which it has not yet found and I replied that I agreed but my soul strives to learn and I see nothing wrong with learning until I settle and discover what I truly want from life.

Ignorance is bliss is how the saying goes but I believe that to go through life ignorant, is similar to going through life blind and unprepared for the many facets of life that fate may toss my way. Doing that is a sure way to live my life unfulfilled.



To the greatest “Ma” ever

Happy Birthday to the greatest gran ever..

A photo taken on my 1st birthday .. Posted 18 years later on her birthday.. (And I know how much she hated having her picture taken)
6 years later and I still miss you every day.
I remember how I used to hate it when you would plait my hair but I knew it was for my own good.
I remember how we used to watch Charlie Chaplin movies together late at night.
I remember how you spoiled me rotten and let me drink ( well lap ) my tea out of a saucer when it was too hot for me to drink.
How you would laugh when my aunts would make me eat my veg.
How proud you were on Sundays when I was dressed like a little princess each Sunday for church.
How you would argue with Aunties when it was past my bedtime on a Sunday night, so we could watch Walker Texas Ranger together.
How I would lie behind your back each night after saying my nightly prayers.
How you would help me remember the words when I had forgotten or stumbled along the way.
I remember how you called my germs, Jams when I had the flu once.
I remember how we used to watch SABC 2 every weekday, regular as clockwork at 10am during the December holidays for the kiddies movies they played, even though we’d seen them a million times.
I remember how you used to shout at the TV when some character was being stupid.
I don’t remember it but I was told I even found your bottle of expensive Red Door perfume when I was little and smothered myself and your room in the scent.
I remember helping you when you needed it.
I remember you chuckling to yourself when Aunty Sheryl put my tiny self on the counter that looked like it was a million miles from the floor ( so I wouldn’t get off) to make me learn the months of the year.
I remember how proud you were of me and I can only hope that I follow along a path in this life, that would still make you proud of me, that would make you look down from above and smile.

I wish you were there for my matric dance, I wish you were there when I   needed guidance and prayers for my fears concerning my matric finals, I wish you had been there when I had finished my matric exams and passed. I wish you could’ve been there when I got my university acceptance letter. I wish you could be here now.

I will miss having you at my wedding one day. I will miss so many moments with you but I can only be grateful that I actually had a chance to have  and share some moments with you.

You were my guidance and counsel, you were like another mother to me. You were an integral part of my upbringing and one of the main reasons I am the way I am and I could never thank you enough for that.

I miss you ma, more than words could ever say,
and don’t worry ma.. I haven’t forgotten my promise to you.

I will look after my aunts, and I will do my utmost to make you proud of me.