Just a lil rage in the month of love

I’m sorry! I know it’s been awhile and I’ve been meaning to post ASAP ! But a lot has happened the past month or so ( my birthday, the Swedish house mafia concert, starting uni again etc )

but for now..
I feel I need to rant just a little first.. ( before I kill an unsuspecting – well, im sure he expects it now- idiot )


And here’s why ..
Ps: this is the same idiot from the boys will be boys post.

2/15/2013 20:07: Nightshadehunter: Nice pic btw
2/15/2013 21:05: The Idiot: Thanks, can’t talk now. Sorry :).
2/17/2013 20:43: The Idiot: I wanna kiss you.
2/17/2013 20:50: Nightshadehunter: How drunk are you?
2/17/2013 20:51: Nightshadehunter: We barely speak the past week or so
2/17/2013 20:51: Nightshadehunter: And now this?
2/17/2013 20:54: The Idiot: That hurts, and I’m not drunk.
2/17/2013 20:54: Nightshadehunter: Uhm so why do you want to kiss me now all of a sudden?
2/17/2013 20:56: The Idiot: So I’m not allowed to want to kiss you?
2/17/2013 21:09: Nightshadehunter: No.. Cause when I admitted to you ( after your 21st if I might not add – which was a few weeks ago ) that I my only regret was NOT kissing you, you told me it was for the best
2/17/2013 21:10: Nightshadehunter: Because you liked someone else and shit with me would be too complicated
2/17/2013 21:10: Nightshadehunter: Based on a fact you never thought to enlighten me on ( your fears ) whatever. FINE
2/17/2013 21:10: Nightshadehunter: Then
2/17/2013 21:11: Nightshadehunter: When I attempted normal friendly banter afterwards you shut me out?
2/17/2013 21:11: The Idiot: Done?
2/17/2013 21:12: Nightshadehunter: Mildly irked
2/17/2013 21:12: Nightshadehunter: But done
2/17/2013 21:13: The Idiot: Lol okay firstly I’m sorry if you feel I’ve been ignoring you but when you message me it is at awkward times.
2/17/2013 21:13: The Idiot: Secondly I lied about liking another girl I did still like you but I had to tell you something to turn you off.
2/17/2013 21:15: The Idiot: Finally when I said “I wanna kiss you” it was based on a dare from a friend.
2/17/2013 21:15: The Idiot: Which was insensitive so I apologize.
2/17/2013 21:15: The Idiot: I am sorry.
2/17/2013 21:16: Nightshadehunter: You said that based on a dare
2/17/2013 21:16: The Idiot: Pretty much.
2/17/2013 21:17: Nightshadehunter: So after basically fucking begging me to date you for a few months last year. I relent and admit to liking you and you felt the need to “turn me off” ?
2/17/2013 21:18: Nightshadehunter: 🙂 okay then ”

Just note exactly how many days later the ass responds, and the first thing he says is ” I wanna kiss you”

Really now? What does this fool take me for?
Do I not have feelings?
Should my emotions not be respected after he TOLD me there was someone else and I had enough faith in him to believe him and I left shit be?

All I’d love to do right now is chuck a brick or something at his head.

Ooh I just got his reasoning for not wanting to date me.
While on our date I mentioned that my dad had a gun, and that freaked the poor soul out apparently.
However, a different guy came to my house on a Sunday ( which happens to be a day where the family tends to congregate at my home ) to take me to the cinema, he met not only my dad and most of my family but was told by my father that my father would kill him if he touched me. He still asked me out again after that.

The idiot , only met my mother and she was moderately well behaved ( considering she is an irrepressible joker and doesn’t know when to draw the line – my dad was in china )

Honestly I can only hope, that the BOYS who act this way, will one day have daughters, and I can only hope that no ass does to their daughters, what they were willing to do to other girls when they were young.

I also KNOW there are girls out there who do the exact same to guys ( and yes, I’d love to chuck a brick or something at them too ), and I can only hope their sons aren’t toyed about with in the same manner simply because no one deserves to be toyed with.

Although it’s a different story once you involve kin now isn’t it ?
Once you involve a loved one ?
Someone you care about …
Like a younger sister or brother…
Like a cousin…
Like a best friend…

Think about it
Remember it
And then remember to think before you toy with someone else’s feelings