Boys will be boys

So the other day I attended the 21st celebrations of a university friend, and honestly it was an amazing night. I saw a different side to a guy that I at first Was determined not to like ( simply because he was persistently pesky -but in a fun way- also there was the issue with the asswipe from the previous posts)

Eventually I went on a date to Kirstenbosch Gardens with this guy, determined to give him a chance ( new year, new beginnings and all that) and I found myself liking him a little more.

The 21st was a bit of a nightmare at first, the decorations were perfectly classy and slightly quirky ( which is just how he is – it was a black and white themed evening , in true Sir style) and the venue was a dream but not being the friendliest person at times and knowing only the birthday boy himself ( and the classmate who introduced us) I felt like I’d gone off the deep end.

Throughout the night I made some new friends, as well as befriending his equally as persistent cousin who seemed determined to get us ( birthday boy and myself) together. Fed up , slightly exasperated and quite embarrassed ( I AM a little shy you see) I asked why me? Wasn’t there another girl who he wasn’t related to? And she replied that’s got nothing to do with it,you’re the prettiest one here.

I think at that moment I might’ve died on the spot ( had dying at a compliment not been even more embarrassing) , I mean I know I brush up well but I didn’t know I did it THAT well, I found myself considering what she and his other friend were saying ( the other friend mentioned how the birthday boy only invited a select few people to his celebrations etc etc)

As mentioned before at the 21st I saw a different side to him; a humorous , witty, slightly sarcastic side I found myself liking.

The following day ( today) when I mentioned to him my only regret was not kissing him… After a drawn out process where I demanded answers and he answered he replied,

“We’re good as just friends so let’s not complicate it. Plus I have feelings for someone else.”

Excuse me? So why ask me out?

Because it was only a mild crush a week ago and he had thought nothing of it.

The bitch in me, doesn’t care .
She’s simply annoyed that he wasted her time,
But the girl, she’s unsure of how to feel.

I mean you finally start to feel something for someone, genuine feelings and you get shot down when you express a desire to try.

I guess when a guy gets what he wants; be it a date, a kiss or even sex.
He doesn’t feel the need to care anymore. It really is more about the thrill of the chase than anything else. I say this because in that same week ago he developed this mild crush on an unknown girl, he was still explaining to me why we’d make an okay if not good couple.

All I can say?
There are about 360 days left to this year,
Things might not have worked out with this guy but maybe it’ll work out with the next guy brave enough to try.

Boys will be boys, but a real man won’t waste a woman’s time.