Sexual standards

“It’s so screwed up, the standards,” Kelsey said abruptly, tossing a pillow toward the ground. “You should like it, but you shouldn’t like it too much or talk about how much you like it. You should do it, but you shouldn’t do it with too many people or talk about how much you’re doing it. It’s like there are so many rules, but none of them make sense.”

Excerpt From: Keplinger, Kody. “Shut Out.”
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If a guy mentions to his friends he got with a chick or two over the weekend, it’s not a big deal. He gets a high five from his buddies and told he’s a man, not just a man but THE man. If a guy screws around with more than one girl at a time, stringing them along, he’s a player, a pro. Someone most guys idolize and want to be. Someone ( unfortunately) all the girls want to be with. Leaving the decent guys shaking their heads at the stupidity of the chicks who friend zoned them ,but will later complain that there are no nice guys left.

It’s okay for a guy to like sex, to enjoy it and be casual about it, to talk about it.

If a girl does the same. She can be one of two things. A tease or a slut. End of story.

It’s taboo for a girl to discuss what she has or hasn’t done, and depending on what those things are she’s yet again labeled and classified as a tease or a slut. Its even worse if it seems like she enjoys and embraces her sexuality with anything over the level of enthusiasm deemed “appropriate” by the unwritten rules of society, and quite frankly .. It sucks.

Some guys can’t wait and tend to pressure girls who aren’t ready by using the worst lines possible ,

” If you really love me …. ” ,
” I love you, don’t you love me too? ” ..

As if false assurances of love should be worth it.

I find myself struggling to come to terms with my blatant sexuality. It’s a battle of needs/desire vs respectability/responsibility.

I find myself torn between two halves of my own being, saint and sinner.

If a girl acts “inappropriately” she’s a slut,if she dresses in a certain way, she’s a slut, if she hangs out with plenty of guys ( who are her FRIENDS) she’s a slut.

We live in a society that is quick to point fingers and place blame , to label and judge but heaven help you if you do the same to them. Sometimes the holier than thou saints that are so quick to judge and label are the biggest sinners of the lot.

Eventually , I began to realize that sometimes there’s nothing more important, that being proud of who you are.

“she had known something all along that I hadn’t: that being ashamed of what you want or how you feel is pointless, and letting anyone else make you feel ashamed is a waste. ”

Excerpt From: Keplinger, Kody. “Shut Out.”
This material may be protected by copyright.

And sometimes, it’s better to be accepted for who you are, than for who you pretend to be.