I’m going to drown myself

I’m going to drown myself in the sweet melodies of my music and pretend today never happened.

I’m going to close my colour blind eyes and open them again to see the world in technicolour.

I’m going to lose myself in the rhythm,beat, drum and bass.

I’m going to scream along to lyrics to feel anything but the disappointment I currently feel.

I’m going to pretend for one night, that I actually matter and that I’m the only one on this over populated planet of ours.

I’m going to deafen myself listening to dance,trance, metal, rap and even R&B and hip hop.

I’m going to do any and everything to drown out the feelings inside until all I feel is the music pulsing through my system, my heart rate and breathing in sync.

I’m going to deafen myself to the sounds of everyday life until all I can hear is the music within my soul.

Music also defines who I am and what I’m feeling
Better than words ever could


Music defines where I’m going.

Music defines where I’ve been.

Music defines what I’m feeling.

Music defines what I’m seeing.

Music defines me.

I don’t need a plant to get high,

Music is my drug and it’s one I’ll never stop taking.


There are no words to describe this, Thank you Mr Tait

Jethro Tait has done it again, this time in the most beautifully heart wrenching way possible.

His newest song, Necklace had silent tears spilling down my face before the song was even over, and even now that the song has ended, it haunts me in the most beautiful way.


Thank you for the tears Mr Tait, but Thank you most of all for the Memories you’ve recreated and the dormant dreams you’ve brought back to life…

Christmas came early


So unlike with the northern hemisphere, we don’t exactly get much snow during winter, and our winter is during that sides summer ( or something like that – it’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve done geography)

and for the first time EVER ( Aka recorded human knowledge) it has snowed in all 9 provinces in the now not so sunny South Africa .It hasn’t snowed in Cape Town, which annoys me a little as C’MON??? WHO WOULDNT want to have a snowball fight!!??? – thowing sand balls hurts like a “beach” – but I know I personally am not a friend of the cold.

anywhoo back to the topic at hand, my groupie moment post of a week or so ago has FINALLY been made a reality. As non other than The Talented Mr Tait has FINALLY made a new video, and it’s the cutest thing!

The man himself 🙂

It ladies and gents, is a song inspired by random twitter banter about the wet and windy winter and a tweeted  jest by Robots Get the Girls (also a fantasticly awesome music duo)  about Hot chocolate <3.

The favourite winter treat of many world wide (especially with mini marshmellows )

So give it a gander (or a goose)

I’m sure it’ll warm you up 😛

You can check Jethro out on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JethroTaitMusic


Follow him on twitter: @_JethroTait_

So yes, Christmas did kinda come early 😛

Another groupie Moment

This sneaky bastard, whose music I personally cant go a day without listening to..

is FINALLY making a NEW video blog

(Refer to one above – Gotta love it, best part is, he’s cute)

And as we all know, especially if you’ve read my previous post on him (click on “previous post”). I’m a bit of a Tait groupie BUT like I said, Atleast he’s older than bieber which makes it okay (and local talent rocks but is unappreciated)

Call him if I need CPR 😛

Here’s the sneak peak he graced us with and I have to admit, I’m being driven mad with curiosity !!


As i’ve mentioned before ,

Here’ the facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/JethroTaitMusic and you can check him  (And his music ) out 😛

The talented Mr Tait.

Well, I’ve recently become acquainted with the one (and unfortunately) not so only Jethro Tait.

He’s a laid back decent guy that on the scale of Gods Vs. Godzilla ranks an 8 and maybe a tad more, (Unfortunately, I’ll have to tone down the Jethro Appreciation as he actually reads my blog XD so Nuky will hear all about it) and the best part is, he’s turning 21 this year so it’s totally okay to stare and not feel perverted for looking at a guy in his teens (Because he’s not )– yes, you mommy perverts who wanted a piece of Bieber, I mean you.

Jethro Tait : The Good looking man himself

Right back to the music

As I’ve become acquainted with his music I’ve realized that his songs are catchy enough to linger on in my mind at random hours of the day and drive me crazy (and by crazy I don’t mean in terms of tearing my hair out, full on rage at human stupidity eg. “Hot Problems”) but in a really good way. I’d long since believed that I’d completely skipped the teeny bopper phase and that no singer or song would EVER make me go back to those days but listening to Jethro’s “Head in the Clouds” Mix tape, I find myself dancing like a pre-teen around my room (here is where I’m thankful that my mother and technology do not mix well or I’d be on Youtube). After having the mix tape for 3 days I’d already managed to memorise all the lyrics. His tracks have this infectious upbeat vibe that you can’t help but jam to.

The best part? He’s not singing about a baby nor is he singing about the days of the week. The lyrics actually have MEANING which I find refreshing after having my ears polluted with Bieber’s Boyfriend. The songs reflect something that is uniquely Jethro and his inspiration behind some of his songs such as “Autumn” is enough to make almost any Ice Queens heart melt.

He has even started his own video blog on Youtube and one can only hope he’ll put the “Ukulele Song” on his next album (Hint Hint)

With a sound that I describe to people as a mixture between Owl City and Metro Station (Yes, I’m terrible with genres, so it’s how I describe it) but is actually a mix of Indie/Electronica/Pop. Some of his musical influences besides Owl City and Metro Sation include Panic at the disco, Second-hand serenade, Pheonix,The Postal Service, Paramore, Florence and the machine, The Almost, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Placebo, The Script, Katie Melua and The All-American Rejects to name a few.

One downside to Jethro being a local Cape Town guy is the fact that South African musicians are hardly discovered and or acknowledged. For some obscure reason our local talent isn’t as widely appreciated. When asked if he felt that his location (in South Africa) as an artist hinders his chances of being discovered especially in comparison to the United States of America and whether or not he believed it’s all about hard work and dedication to something his passionate about he replied,

“Well sure the music industry in a lot more established in the states and in some ways they do have more opportunities. I would definitely like to go over there and try my luck, but I would like to establish myself here first. It’s hard and you have to work at it with everything you’ve got. The music industry is small here, but it is growing, and the more money we bring into it, the bigger it gets. So I would like to contribute to that :p you’ve also got to remember that, yes, there may be more opportunity in the States but there are also a lot more people trying to reach their dreams there. So for now I’m happy to just establish myself in SA and then move onto Europe and then hopefully the states 🙂 ” (Direct quote from a chat with Mr Tait, 11/07/2012)

However, hopefully one day Mr Tait will not only achieve his dream, as he said in his song entitled “I have a dream”

I have a dream; I’ll be there one day.
I’ll be with the stars, I’ll light up Broadway.
I have a dream, not too far away.
Driving nice cars and resting Mondays.” – I have a dream ; Jethro Tait

Hopefully he’ll remember me too (Yes, I’m female, we tend to like being remembered – for good things/The PA job he promised me, if I was ever unemployed) when he does achieve his dream, and with a talent like his, I believe the only place he’ll go is up.

His recently released mix tape entitled “Head in the clouds” is available for download (Just click on the word download ) and consists of 10 amazingly catchy tracks including Electro Dance Song, Autumn and Day dream.

The back cover of Jethro’s recently released Head in the clouds mix tape.

You can like him on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JethroTaitMusic

Follow him on twitter: @_JethroTait_

And even stalk him on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/readysetrotait?feature=watch