.. And it’s also been a year

Well that’s a surprise .. After posting the blog “really woman?” I saw a little notification pop up saying I’ve had this blog for more than a year now. The 17/06/2012 marks my first blog entry on this site.

That’s kinda sweet. It serves as a reminder of everything I’ve been to get where I am today.
It’s a reminder of the people I’ve met, places I’ve been, emotions I’ve felt and the general sense of belonging one feels when you do something “right”, and that’s exactly what this blog is to me.
It’s my sense of right, my comfort and my companion when it seems like no-one understands.
It’s my way of expressing to the world what I feel without the sense of judgement that usually follows in public. Here I am known but not known and that makes it worth while.


Dreams may be figments of our warped imaginations but this blog contains my dreams, it contains my life and the depth if my feelings hidden between lines of not so random verse. Each line a choice I have made, each thought “penned” with somewhat careful deliberation. This blog is my warped imagination and so much more.

Thank you for being a part of the experience, especially you Nuky and a few others. You know who you are and you’ve been with me since the start almost. Navi you went through the entire blog in the span of two days just to increase your understanding of someone more complex than what meets the eye. You delved deep to try and find me and you almost have.

So thanks I guess … thanks for reading it and sharing these experiences with me, thanks for being a part of the experience.


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