Demure smiles

You tell me I wouldn’t rip into you since you’re “family” but I would. I would rip into you without hesitation. I’ve told you before exactly what I’m like and what mentality I possess.It leads to believe that I’m better off alone and currently none of your actions so far prove me wrong.

Sometimes in my insanity. I believe the best course of action is for me to not be involved. To keep my distance. To maintain the facade of menial pleasantries I exchange with every other person. To dim my enthusiasm and emotional response to most of “my older family” members.

If this is what voicing my opinion gets. I feel as if I should rather submit to the stereotypical archaic practices. Whereby women kept quiet in a “mans” world, for his word was law. Every thought she had would be carefully monitored; discarded if deemed inappropriate , every “untoward” emotion hidden for fear of being seen as irrational and melodramatic. For fear of not only physical scarring but in this instance emotional scarring.

I will resort to silent contemplation, voicing what must be said by means of the written word. “Voicing” thoughts supposedly better left unsaid.

I will smile.
I will demurely agree with whatever you wish, regardless of my beliefs.

And that is how I will let these sleeping dogs lie.


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