Radio 101

So like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve joined my university radio station
I’m super happy about that.
(Especially when I consider I paid the fees myself – big achievement for someone who never had a job since starting university last year)
I absolutely love learning about the various aspects of life at a radio station, especially considering the fact it’s NOT JUST a radio station, but it’s a community radio station.
It’s a student funded, nonprofit the whole shebang type of thing.
Kinda makes it seem more worthwhile if I suppose, it feels like I’m apart of something new and I like that feeling.

I as a member of the production team am currently learning how to use Logic Pro software to make and produce Jingles etc for the station (As companies pay us for those adverts and that’s how we keep our station running … or something along those lines, I was more interested in learning how to use the desk (without breaking anything), Zoom, Select Tools, Mark, EQ, Fade and some other stuff )

As a member of the Marketing Team
We’re in charge of branding, events and PR (In retrospect we haven’t done much yet for that but we are getting there).
So far we’ve had to come up with ideas for our first annual meeting thingy (yes, I called it a thingy), which will be later today and I’m proud to say (as I’ve mentioned before) I’ve managed to come up with quite a few ideas, ranging from a Holi Fest of sorts, to a beach take over, to a formal ( prom for uni peeps)

And we are told we are welcome to come in at anytime and chill because its a chilled friendly place


Honestly, at first I felt like a total interloper, a normal person amongst the crazy antics of the radio station.
Then I realized that all I was doing was hiding my inner retard because it was a new environment ( I tend to do that)
Normality is overrated 🙂

Here is THE Resonance aka Q (some radio joke of sorts)
She’s the music manager ( listening to and approving whether or not music is kiff enough to be played, organizing interviews with kiff peeps etc etc etc )


And now ..
Now shit seems okay but I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I can get this shit to work for me and who knows what’ll happen?

I could be the female version of Charlie sheen in “Two and a half Men” ( I want to be rich like him, not a substance absuing whore )

( here is where the MONEY MONEY MONAAAAAY jingle comes in )



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