Little Blue Dress Day

Oh oh oh!!

So , I actually thought of something mildly amusing – to me at least – to write about

First and foremost

I decided I wanted to have a “pretty” day so I did the little blue and white layer polka dot dress thing ( I’ll show you a pic from when I went out a few weeks ago .. It’s that dress) with matching blue sequined shoes and dangly blue earrings , make up and hair done just right etc etc

So there I am, all dolled up at 6.40am on campus ( I get there early for parking, I like parking on residence road) and I decided to have my morning mocha with 3 sugars, I buy my mocha and head outside to sit at my usual table and I place my stuff down on the table .. Lift my mocha cup up to drink .. And


Mocha spills all over my dress ( stupid fecking lid)

My first thought is ” FUUUCK! The ONE day I don’t have a change of clothing in my car boot”

I rush to the bathroom and STRIP

Shove my dress under the water and rinse it.
So there I am, in my underwear and hot pants, rinsing my mocha covered dress off and I realize that I’ll need to use the hand dryer to dry my dress… And I do

But then I also realize, that the hand dryer is right by the bloody door, so I put my jacket on ( thankfully I wore a 3/4 length blue coat – protection against the wind and shizz) and I’m standing there like a total hooker, drying my dress.

Remembering that my friend stays in res ( well, she used to, I found out afterwards she’s living elsewhere now) I try calling her, but it’s just my bloody luck that I can’t get signal in the bathroom ..

So what do I do?

I stand in the bloody passage, holding my dress in my hand with my coat covering the bare minimum ( no pun intended ) , again , it’s like the world was conspiring against me there’s this guy by the lift, staring at me as I’m trying to contact my friend.

Finally I manage to get my dress dry enough to pull it back on and I call another friend in a panic, asking him where the fuck he is.

The minute he rocks up, I explain what happened and rush back to attempt drying my dress some more.

Dress gets dry ( but I’m smelling like mocha ) and the rest of the day continues as normal

But, I’m not exactly ugly ( yes, I’ll admit that much )

So there I am, loud ( as usual) and flouncy ( which went along well with the dress – if I do say so myself)
And I happen to see a guy I’ve thought is SUUUUPER adorable for awhile now, and he smiles at me , and for some reason, my extroverted self seems to shut down and I look down with a smile ( and probably a blush) , all of a sudden super shy :/

And then he nearly face plants …

And I can myself laughing x_x

A little later, some guy comes up to me and hands me a little piece of paper with a phone number on it ,now having been the person who had to deliver a number before I understood his awkwardness and inability to speak clearly but c’mon!!!??!

All I heard was something about a guy in a grey shirt before he awkwardly took his leave.

And being me, and SUUUUPER curious I’m dying to know who this person is.
I’ve messaged him, but now I’m awaiting this strangers response ( keeping my fingers crossed that its the cute guy who nearly face planted )

Well, atleast something good ( hopefully ) came out of the day.
Aside from the mocha fiasco , it was a good day

So there
That was my day in a nutshell 🙂

And this is the dress I’m talking about:

This is myself and Nuky in the photo – that night we discovered my limit In terms of shots x_x)


This is Stev, myself and Nuky – Stev was instrumental in helping Nuky discover my limit XD




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