It’s finally finished.
And whatever else may squeeze in there, I had finally finished my last examination on the 13th of November and I’m not sure how I feel.

There’s no sense of relief ( I’m too much if a worry wort for that) ,all there is , is this numb lethargic feeling that is seeping into every crevice in my body.

I’m done.
I can’t believe I managed to survive a year with four foreign language subjects.

I’m done.
I really can’t seem to stop saying that.

So I’m officially on holiday

And it’s been so long since the last post I’m not sure what to write about, it feels like my “muse” has deserted me and left me to flounder and ramble on until something comes my way.

I suppose that could be due to the fact I’ve given the other aspect of my dual personality more time than this one.


I don’t have a personality disorder ( I think )
There are just two extremely different sides to me.
Similar to the two sides of a coin,

One a loud mouthed saint
The other , a silent sinner.

Sigh but enough of that, and the exploration into my sinner side is just that an exploration


So back to being a muse-less, broke student.

So it’s over

Now .. All I need to worry about are the results and how to get my muse back


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