Leave of absence

Admittedly I have been quiet these past few days and I apologize, university (and sleep depravation ) have started taking it’s toll on me.

Early mornings and late nights don’t sit well with someone used to sleeping more than the required 8 hours per night and I’m honestly not sure how some people do it.

However, I will unfortunately be quite quiet for the next month or two until my exams are over. I might post something once a week or so to keep you updated or to vent,rage and generally blurb out my thoughts on anything interesting or anything that “gets my goat” BUT my studies come first.

I admit, I’ve been feeling quite disheartened by my studies and sometimes I feel liked haven’t made much improvement and then I start to think about my next four years here only to go to another university for 3 or so years, studying what I want to be studying. I can’t change now, I’m too stubborn for that.

Sad (bad) news : I failed one of my tests terribly, unfortunately it counted 300 points towards my grade, I have another coming up at the end of the month and I’m hoping to do a lot better in it. ( and there’s no written exam so I kinda need to do well)

Meh news: I have a new semi secret goal that I’d like to achieve before June/July next year ( long ass time I know but people like me need that for a goal like this) . I just need to find the motivation for it and it’ll be done.

Good (great) news : FINALLY after working my ass off, I got an A for an Italian test. That seriously made my week PLUS my dad got me an iPad again ( mine was stolen meh) so i don’t need to lug around two bags for more than 9 hours a day.

Anyway, I should probably get back to my studies, I just felt that I had to keep you updated 🙂


One thought on “Leave of absence

  1. Nice sentiment.You will be missed.Take care of yourself.Wish you pass the exams with A+ blessing .Jalal

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