Romantically deluded

I realize now why some guys hate romance novels especially the paranormal kind.
It’s idealistic and unrealistic.

Admittedly, I read them, my lonely soul thrives upon them but I’ve realized that it just makes me sadder. I know I won’t stop reading them but what woman wouldn’t want a man who would do anything to protect her ( even if he sparkled ) , what woman wouldn’t want a man to defy heaven and hell to keep her.

Regardless of what he may be; a vampire, werewolf even death himself. A woman will love him because he’d go to extraordinary lengths just for her but she will also idolize him because he is something classified in a league of his own, where no mortal man could compare.

These things raise the standards and expectations of women and girls around the world, trying to find that perfect one, that soulmate that is supposedly meant for us. The one we supposedly find regardless of how many lives we live because our souls are so deeply intertwined with one another.

Romance novels in general make a woman wish and long for something that is found by very few people, real love. The kind of love and devotion that will last throughout many lifetimes, the kind of love that will drive a man to the brink of desperation to keep her safe and protected.

Romance novels make ME wish for those things, things I doubt I could ever have.

I’m different, I know that. I accept that. I’m weird and quirky but deep down I’m also lost, alone and afraid. I try to pretend that romance doesn’t “do” it for me but I’m a closet romantic, and reading these novels just sometimes emphasizes my loneliness and I’m sure many women feel the same.

Romance novels are my worst enemy and my salvation from a world so cold and lonely.
A world too caught up in its own endeavors to notice a girl cast aside.

Romance novels give me hope ,hope that maybe someday I’ll find my prince charming.
Romance novels also take away that very hope, as I realize I’ll never find that guy ..again

That which is lost will never be easily found, one can only delude oneself into thinking that it can be, and then settling for what one is given.

A girl may be told she’s beautiful a thousand times but rarely will she believe it, a girl that is told she’s ugly , will believe that for the rest of her life, until prince charming proves her wrong.


3 thoughts on “Romantically deluded

  1. We all want the perfect someone, but alas, everyone is only human. No sparkles.

  2. Uzoma says:

    Very thoughtful post. I believe everyone feels the same way about love – we need real love. And it’s a good feeling to be in love.

    Wish you the best.

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