Moments In Life

Life is not a funny thing yet ironically enough; it has these moments that make us laugh, cry, remember and rage

These moments where we show the world we can be anything we want, from flirtatious to downright foolish (but lovably so). There are moments of regret we feel for rash actions. There are moments where we cannot help but look foolish, but to our loved ones, we remain the same .

These moments that make us cry, as our weaknesses and vulnerability are shown. There are the moments we feel strong because we realize even those bigger than us, stronger and faster and even “better” than us, have weaknesses too.

There are moments when we show fear even though we feel none. There are moments when we fear and almost nothing is given away.

There are moments of pure unadulterated joy as we come together yet again, be it with friends or family.

There are times spent with friends on a beach, alcohol in hand and nothing but exuberant laughter coming from our beings. No worries and No cares. Just as life should be for the younger generation.

There are the people we mourn, gone but never forgotten, although who am I to say never? From missing a loved one dearly … as time moves forward and life goes on, as each second turns into a minute which turns into an hour and then blends into the day and merges with the night, as days merge with the weeks and the passing weeks merge with the months and so forth and so on, which in turn then continues this ceaseless stream of continuity. We move on with our own lives. We almost forget, if not for a reminder, one as simple as a photograph or even a memory of a favourite flower.

There are the bonds we form with people. Whether it be platonically or romantically. They are the bonds that bind us together and tug on our hearts in ways we would never have imagined. They are the friendships people share.

The kinship between three sisters who each lead very different lives. They are the love we form with others as we accept them into our families.

There are moments where our lives stretch before us as we gaze upon the miles of ocean, in a country not quite our own. Where we realize that we are a family and no argument will take away the ties that bind us to one another.

Sometimes there are even moments shared with animals that we’ll always remember and treasure. Regardless of circumstance, just to bring a smile to our faces.

There are moments where we can’t describe how we feel, not to others and not even to ourselves. Moments when all we want to do is rage at the world, beating our fists bloody against the unyielding flesh of white walls tainted red and doors as splintered and fragmented as our inner turmoil ..

There are moments where jealousy is felt as well as a myriad of other emotions, phases and stages and there is nothing we can do about them, except go along with it and try and control ourselves as best we can.

There are so many various moments in our lives. There would be no way to note it all down and not enough words to describe them.


2 thoughts on “Moments In Life

  1. Yes, life is expansive. Life is experience itself. 🙂 Nice post!

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