Christmas came early


So unlike with the northern hemisphere, we don’t exactly get much snow during winter, and our winter is during that sides summer ( or something like that – it’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve done geography)

and for the first time EVER ( Aka recorded human knowledge) it has snowed in all 9 provinces in the now not so sunny South Africa .It hasn’t snowed in Cape Town, which annoys me a little as C’MON??? WHO WOULDNT want to have a snowball fight!!??? – thowing sand balls hurts like a “beach” – but I know I personally am not a friend of the cold.

anywhoo back to the topic at hand, my groupie moment post of a week or so ago has FINALLY been made a reality. As non other than The Talented Mr Tait has FINALLY made a new video, and it’s the cutest thing!

The man himself 🙂

It ladies and gents, is a song inspired by random twitter banter about the wet and windy winter and a tweeted  jest by Robots Get the Girls (also a fantasticly awesome music duo)  about Hot chocolate <3.

The favourite winter treat of many world wide (especially with mini marshmellows )

So give it a gander (or a goose)

I’m sure it’ll warm you up 😛

You can check Jethro out on Facebook :


Follow him on twitter: @_JethroTait_

So yes, Christmas did kinda come early 😛


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