More ramblings from a not so fresh fresher

Hey! Bonjour! Hola! And whatever other greetings there may be.

So yes! I know I haven’t posted in awhile but university has become hectic and for a student studying four languages, even more so.

For some reason my lecturers and tutors feel like their specific  subjects are the most important and pile on work like there no tomorrow, regardless of our other subjects, assignments and homework.

Shit just got real yo (Yeah , no that doesn’t really work for me)

On the dating/guy aspect of uni, there’s a whole separate blog post about that coming soon.

I just need to somehow find the time and balance everything properly. It’s a major thing that I haven’t stopped blogging completely, I’m so proud of myself but please bear in mind my posts will be more sporadic/sparse. It all depends on when my muse decides to make an appearance and whether or not my tired being can bother listening.

When you wake up at 4.45am to get on campus at 6am – just for parking – shows major dedication (but that can’t be remedied until next year – 2nd years can get a parking disc; SUPER AMPED)

So anywhoo I need to be off :/ I still have 1 overdue mandarin assignment plus another due on Thursday

An Italian test on Friday that I still need to study for , plus a shitload of exercises.

A partially completed French assignment due Friday (about a fashion faux-pas – like I know anything about fashion; I’ve only started dressing like a girl recently) plus a shitload of exercises

A Spanish assignment (I think – they changed our course outline but haven’t told us exactly what’s going on)

Okay so that above piece was all yesterday but I just never had the time to publish it, since Dom and I decided to “go get free stuff” At the career fair (and yes, it was free – I was given a shitload of pens, highlighters, and even a Durex feather light condom box with free detol hand sanitizer (which I found a tad weird but okay) or maybe it was the free hand sanitizer that came with free condoms hmmm…)

The thing about “Career fairs” is that they cater for every degree stream (well they are meant to ) except for your Humanities degrees. I admit, last week when going to the IT Career fair and Accounting Career fair, we knew it wasn’t for our degree stream but we went for pens and as bad as that may seem I do need to ‘fess up at this point and say , “YES! I lied about my degree – a few times it changed, depending on the stall- to get free stationary/mugs/highlighters/flashlights/pencils etc etc ” BUT even though the moral of this story is that lying is bad, you can get free shit and you can get busted (As I discovered this week – but that’ll come in a different post).

Yesterday I went to the GENERAL career fair, being naïve (and ignoring Dom who said they don’t HAVE career fairs for humanities students) I thought YAY! FINALLY, A career fair where I won’t have to lie. (I even skipped the engineering career fair the Monday) only to discover that yet again all the big companies only wanted engineers and commerce students. Joy to the freaking world.

Although at one company’s stall I happened to wander by, I was honest about my degree and I admit that company interested me (It’s a financial company – I know I was in shock when I realized how much it intrigued me – and it was also the first company to show interest in a BA student such as myself). I was told that the company would need translators since most of its business was done with international clients and the company made more than a Billion US$ a year. All I had to do was show some interest in the financial market as is, without having to study anything in terms of a course for my degree.

For me personally, every company with international clientele will need someone who can translate and interpret but the career fairs only seemed to emphasize the fact that my chosen path of study wasn’t good enough in comparison to those with science or mathematically based degrees. Bloomberg however gave me that fine thread of hope that I needed to re-motivate myself – If I want to be the best, I’ll have to work for the best.

No company is made up of solely engineers, actuarial scientists, designers etc etc. People with BA degree’s ARE needed in almost every company, whether its publicity work or HR or even as the company psychologist, We ARE needed and we do matter.

As for getting busted,

I was busted by my dad’s friend son.

Thing is, I know this guys dad well enough, I know his younger brother (kinda) but HE (the one who “busted me” ) was always off at uni or whatever being a brainiac actuarial-scientist –to-be  and he was always the “idol” held up to me, a girl with an Indian dad and one who isn’t following the norm and doing anything in medical, financial or law related fields (despite what people say, that stereotype is not a lie).

And now after one “conversation” with him (me lying about my degree and year of study – in my defense I didn’t know who he was at first). My best friend thinks’ he’s GORGEOUS . Admittedly he never busted me to anyone else but when I told my parents who I had finally met and what happened (the busting and according to dom he was flirting with me – LIES,  He just recognized my face and wanted to know how he knew me ) my dad automatically phoned his dad, and told him all about the free pen thing (although my dad has been stealing my bounty). His dad just laughed and said it was a typical Indian thing to get free stuff :/

Hopefully (or maybe not) I won’t see him again but I know I will see/ speak to his dad again (his dad usually phones once every month or so to speak to my dad and I’m the one who answers the phone) and that’s going to be fun.

lots of love

my royal not so fresh fresherness


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