A Labour of love

Well .. Today I had my first Mandarin test, All I can say is LOL (Not one of those “Funny haha it was easy LOL’s) AND my lecturer SUCKS! SERIOUSLY (writing the characters takes FOREVER!! – ESPECIALLY when we have to write sentences- and then we get told after 30 minutes that time is up) Grrrrr!!!

Anyway, so I decided, to help me recognize the characters faster (while learning the pinyin and English meaning at the same time), that I’d get flash cards… Yay!

So I get this one guy in my Mandarin class to email me the link to get the Flash cards’ PDF (It corresponds with our lecture book), Being an awesome guy, he emails me the PDF’s for both this semesters book AND last semesters one.


I print it and 71 pages later (bare in mind, that’s double sided – Printed on both sides) I’m left wondering how I was gonna cut it.

See normal people would say a use a pair of scissors or a guillotine but I’m accident prone and I cant cut in a straight line… It’s like the paper believes it’s okay to be cut in zigg-zag patterns, and who am I to argue.


Being the super hero that she is (and a super anal perfectionist – it is said with much love-), my bestie said she would cut it with the guillotine for me 🙂

Now, the layout of the pages were “simple” there were five rows of characters with 2 characters in each row (and everything was kinda squished and there was no “cut here” dotted lines)

Almost two hours later, smiles (when it was all perfectly matched up)  turning into mounting frustration (that almost lead her to make me reprint certain pages so it could be done “right”), She finished.

Look here!
I admit, after taking the picture I wondered if she was pointing at the stack of flash cards or her rack aka “The Twins”

Then (as if she had nothing better to do – ie assignments), in her annoyance for my inability to have thought ahead  and bring a proper “holder” (I brought a folder to shove about 700 pieces of paper in ), She then proceeded to wrap these flash cards in line paper, glue em together and then write her little message on the two neatly folded packages you see on the header thingy.

I had made a video of it (and I told her, her cleavge would be the reason my little blogger dream would come true – I want that statistics map to light up like a Christmas tree, the only area that DOESN’T have to be lit up is the ocean but if the Atlantians want, they’re more than welcome to do so ) but unless it goes on Youtube first, there’s no way for me to post it (I refuse to pay $59.95 to use “Video Press”, In South Africa that’s almost two weeks wages spent on a blog – Depending on where you work)

I seriously love my best friend 🙂

She hates wearing hats, but I think it suits her..
Although, if she was wearing green, she’d look like a leprechaun 😛


One thought on “A Labour of love

  1. dominuk says:

    Haha 🙂 “a super anal perfectionist”

    Love you too Moofy :p x

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