Jack and Jill

As I sit here, snug and comfy as a bug, on this more than semi-depressing wet winter’s day in Cape Town, I think about two friends of mine.

This one girl, “Jill” and this guy called “Jack”

Albeit admittedly Jill had some sort of a small (or not so small) crush on Jack at the beginning of the year (YAY! First university crush). In a way, I thought he may have liked her too, but maybe I was reading all the wrong signals. He sat next to her (well, actually she had moved to sit next to him after he bugged her about it), they sat close together on near empty benches, her leg against his, he kept finding excuses to touch her (Nothing inappropriate) and she was cool with it, she was happy.

Next thing you know his cooler than a freaking cucumber and she’s invisible.


She’s moving on with her life but she was still left wondering WTF??

I’ve seen her crush so hard on him but he constantly falls for girls who don’t treat him right.

Anyway I’d begun to notice one thing about my male friend  … He’s always managed to crash and burn his heart. So I asked myself, why is it that some of the nicest guys I know, crash and burn their hearts over bitches that don’t deserve them?

What’s the point of it? Yeah guys complain about the friend zone but unsurprisingly enough, girls are stuck there too.

Realizing I’d never know the answer to this I asked Jack :

(I axed out most of the useless parts of this conversation on BBM, as well as just making the names easier to read – everything else still remains in context)


Winterwolf: Is it just me or do you crash and burn your heart on a reg bases with (no offence) bitches who can’t treat you right?
Jack: Hahahaha. I don’t even know. My answer to that would be ‘No’. But who am I kidding?
Winterwolf: Why do you do it?
Jack: Do what? /:)
Winterwolf: Never mind
Jack: Nooo. Say!
Winterwolf: Crash and burn for bitches?
Jack: I wouldn’t really know how to explain it. I guess it’s just that I, of course, fall for them when I don’t know their whole persona.
Winterwolf:  And by then its too late and you can’t escape?
Jack: That’s the problem. By then, you’re stuck, wondering what you’ve done wrong, and trying to rectify your mistakes that you yourself know won’t work.
̊Winterwolf:  So what is it about these girls you fall for?  You know the chubacabra in disguise
Jack: Hahaha. I don’t know. I’m a guy – we fall for girls for different reasons. I don’t know.. Don’t like speaking about this type of stuff..
̊Winterwolf: Well, what do you like in a girl? (Besides her being a chupacabra in disguise)
Jack: Well, her personality. If I can be myself in front of her the first time I meet her, it’s generally something that would attract me slightly to her…
Winterwolf:  What else? Do looks, religion etc play a part?
Jack: Looks, yes. But religion is a definite factor – I prefer dating Hindu girls. Why ask you? If I may ask. Is it for your blog?


And that was the end of that BBM conversation, he went to bed and I sat up to write this.

Hopefully Jill reads this and will understand. Yes religion does play a huge part in this but well, at least she knows and isn’t left in the dark by mixed signals.

The thing that bugs me is that it seems like this type of thing (not the religious bit but falling for the wrong people) has become a vicious cycle.

(Refer to that ever so beautiful picture below that my friend found somewhere online –Please don’t ask me where because I have no idea/ she might have made it herself, I’m not sure and she isn’t telling)

It’s quite sad that it is true.
Don’t you just hate the friendzone sometimes?

It becomes a viciously never ending cycle that seems to just emphasize the “fact” that nice guys finish last and the queen bitch (we normal girls would secretly  “Love” to be but loathe with a passion stronger than a guys love for his xbox/pc) will always get the guy that we secretly not so secretly want.

Ah well, I suppose that is the way things work in this world of ours.

In reality:

  • Prince Charming (aka the nice guy) won’t fall for Cinderella but rather one of her bitchy step sisters.
  • Aurora wont be kissed awake by a Prince but rather a douchebag who will inevitably regard her as a notch on his bedpost
  •  Snow white wont have her life saving kiss of true love and will probably be put in rehab for a drug overdose
  • “Red riding hood” might actually fall inlove with the wolf and then fall for a sparkly vampire and then cheat on said sparkly vampire because it’s hard to commit when he sparkles so prettily.
  • Shrek and Fiona start out okay together but then she becomes “human” again(aka comes to her “senses”)  and will totally fall for the douchebag prince.

Then again C’est la vie,this may be the way the world actually works but sometimes there are the rare exceptions, exceptions that, despite my cynicism, make me believe that anyone can find real love out there.

It makes me hope that I could find it too.

Who knows for sure? Because I certainly don’t.


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  1. Hi! I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award


    I would be honoured if you accept!

    Best regards, Arlen

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