The 4th week stress rant

This is the second of the two posts I had done on my previous blog regarding university .. Looking back .. I see exactly how naïve I was XD ..
(It was originally posted on the 6th of March 2012)

“The 4th week stress Rant

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about uni ..
Heck I’ve even skipped the freshers braai part ( pointless really),
the bit about registration ( where I found out I CAN extend my degree)
and mock lecture day (which was a conspiracy to make some of us believe uni would be okay ..)

So …
Back to today ..

I have reached that stage where sarcasm and bitchiness seem to flow from me being without me even trying .. I become annoyed when people do not grasp things I consider to be obvious ..

I called one of the smartest kids in my spanish class a dumbass ( which I actually felt a tad bad about ) for not grasping the aforementioned obvious bit and two other gents “ladies” after they decided to stand and chat while blocking the exit after class..

And no..
I’m not on my period…

I’m at university ..

I sometimes (in my stress induced state) stare at others serenely strolling along and think to myself ..WHY THE F am I not studying what they’re studying!?!?
Like seriously ..

After my FOURTH week of university I’m popping rescue remedy pills hoping my skin won’t break out in who knows what type of severe acne , while I watch my hair fall out as another indicator of my soaring stress levels..
Because as bad as my skin is ..
Breaking out in who knows what type of severe acne is not the way to go ..
And I really love my hair ..
Like really..

I even DREAM about university.
What happened to dreams about cute guys or rainbows and fluffy things etc.
All I see is grammar rules Speaking of grammar rules ..
Here is a current breakdown of my wonderful subjects 🙂 :

French : SUCKS .. Can’t speak it, can’t understand it .. HELP

Spanish : I need to actually start paying attention if I want to pass ( this is what happens when I let people convince me to sit at the back of the lecture theatre .. I start to FAIL)

Italian : all I do is study .. Non stop .. I think by the end of this term I should have it memorised .. And no I’m not kidding .. I wish I was

Mandarin: I suppose could be likened to sex? (Not that I’d know .. Just saying ) Its pretty fun, but needs hard work and dedication to get satisfactory results but at the end of the day .. I’m still royally fucked if I don’t protect myself and study :/

Yes I totally went there..

AND yes I totally deserve this, I did it to myself.

Anyway …
Maybe more next week if I’m not dead by then.
Hasta luego
Au revoir
And whatever else may be added in there 🙂

All the best
The – not so fresh -Fresher ”

Well .. I had not died in the literal sense but with the workload I had, something had to give so I stopped blogging 😦 ( Bad Idea – Blogging is a great stress relief, especially for someone as tightly wound as me ..- it helps me not go psycho kill-everybody type of crazy)

I will continue with newer posts about uni.. Not much more to say about the first semester ( Besides the fact it makes me miss high school LOADS – and I HATED my high school)

I had my bag stolen in a smash and grab on the same day we came back from our mid-semester break – Was driving home, stopped at a robot and some douche smashed my window and got away with my bag .. So I kissed my uni notes/books/stationary and Ipad goodbye (I had that ipad for a week – I cried like a baby)

That kinda put me off of my study groove but I’m slowly but surely getting back into it ..

So ..

Exams were a biatch .. Had Spanish and Italian the same day x_x ( Because people can’t plan properly in terms of trips abroad)

The library became my new home .. spent my days there regardless of whether or not I wrote an exam that day .. (I’m too lazy to study at home, and I get distracted easily) . So Nuky and I would stay in the lib studying and sometimes acting like meerkats ( just for breaks and hey! I’m a busy student , not dead 😉 )

Needless to say, I passed all my subjects ( with some drama for Italian but It’s not MY fault they can’t count )

Hopefully the second semester will be much better .. LOL, who am I kidding .. It’ll be harder, then again – Nothing good comes easy

I’m no longer a Fresher ( well, maybe I still am but I don’t get lost that easily anymore – LIES- but I do know how to manage my time better)

So goodbye for now
lots of love

ME ( cause there is no one I’d rather be)


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