The Mid-Year Resolution

I’m so sick of the douchebags.
I’m so sick of guys that are full of themselves, filled with the misguided notion and concept that they are men, when they are in-fact boys at best.

I’m sick of being treated like nothing.
I’m sick of being bothered by boys acting like assholes, especially if I harboured (Note: Past Tense) not so secret feelings for one of them but you know what?

I’m over it.
No more assholes.
No more being treated like dirt.
No more egos.
No more douchebags
And most importantly

If I date again, I don’t want to date a boy.. I’d like someone I’d define as a man and yes that definition differs based on my personal opinion and taste but you know what, when I find the right man, I’ll let you know exactly what that definition is.
I’m not looking for “Mr Right” I’m looking for “Mr Right Now (who might stick around for awhile)”
I won’t say no to a spot of fun ( Dependent on who is asking )
Because I know what I’m worth and currently, this is not it

But for now..
I have my mid-year resolution..


Who knows, I may even break this resolution for a boy that may fool me into thinking he’s a man.
Only time will tell..

C’est la vie 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Mid-Year Resolution

  1. dominuk says:

    While sitting alone on my bed on this quiet and cold tuesday evening, trying (in vain) to absorb the dreary information about the verb state of the word ‘be’ which was being relayed to me via the black and white pages of my linguistics reader, my cellphone emitted a jovial little tune (along with that lovely but persistent red flashing light) next to me as an email arrived. Not expecting anything vaguely interesting or exciting, considering that the majority of my mail is from University with the odd chain mail joke from my parents, I absent-mindedly reached over to take a glance at what had interrupted my riveting read. Man was I surprised by the little gem which I found awaiting me! A new post from my favourite little blogger 🙂

    As I earnestly devoured the words on my tiny little screen, I could not help but feel like what lay before me was something incredible…even more than that, life changing! I want to print it BIG and put it on my bedroom wall. And in the kitchen. And on my books. EVERYWHERE. When I told the author this, she replied, asking me ‘WHY’. My answer: simply because I want to read it every second of every minute of every hour of every day (etc. etc.) until it is branded on the back of my skull so that I can never forget it because it is something that I want to live by and that I think everyone else should too 🙂

    Absolute awesomeness, I shouldn’t have expected anything less. Brava mia picolla signorina 😀 Viva REAL MEN! x

  2. dominuk says:

    You are little :p but a little bundle of such awesomeness is no less awesome (would insert your nickname here if you hadn’t banned me from doing so).

    And I am little too! So don’t be hating 😀 lol

  3. kellieelmore says:

    Just wanted to pop by and say thank you for writing. I appreciate the kind words and I must say that your blog is quite magical too. I really admire how honest your words are. That is a feat I have yet to accomplish, being raw with what I have to say. Keep up the phenomenal work, friend. xox ♥

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