The Fresher

Well .. This piece I originally wrote on wednesday the first of February 2012 .. And it was posted on my old blog .. But I decided that now that I’ve started a new semester at university I might as well share it..

In hindsight ( and yes, it was only a few months ago) I realize that nothing would’ve changed my mind. Nothing would’ve made me stop and think I couldn’t do it. Nothing can make me think that.

There are only two posts I had done based solely on my life as a “fresher” and that was when I still had time to write .. So there will be a HUGE gap between then and now but anyway .. Maybe I can fill it eventually .. There has been a post about my best friend Nuky ( The greatest friend) and we had met at university but this focus’ more on my specific struggles with my subjects

But this post basically contains more about me and the way my crazily random and stubborn mind works

“Before it all starts

In life there are many things that are uncertain and many things that are decided either by you, or powers that be ( I’d like to call such powers University Curriculum Advisers AKA the demi gods of the underworld; also known as the Faculty Admin )

It is one thing to do what you love and know you will excel at but its completely different to shooting yourself in the foot during that process and cutting off your nose to spite your face, just to prove people wrong.

I was told I wouldn’t be able to cope learning not 1 and not 2 but 4 languages from scratch in the 4 years I would be attending university ( I willingly agreed to do a forth year to do it all). 

The languages being:





I was told it’s a foolish dream and lead to believe that doing it was akin to searching for a government without a corrupt official in one department or the other.

I admit it, i’m just a tad crazy with my goal. I was told its impossible but I hate backing down from a challenge. I was told what I wanted to do  did not go against any of the University’s rules  but I was strongly advised against it. 

What would i do afterwards?

What career would i get?

I stubbornly refused all of the first advisers “help”.. 

The second adviser ( having been forewarned by the first) sat and listened as I rambled out my dilemma and the concerns and doubts I was given by the “lovely” first adviser

Let me mention one thing.. 

you can believe all you want but when the people around you begin to doubt you, 

that is when you too begin to doubt.

and doubt I did,

The second adviser sat there and told me i would do well,

if I didn’t like what I was doing I could change before the end of the term and do something else in second term

Happy with that I left the university but now,a day before I’m due to register as a student.

 I find myself struck with the same doubts others had.. speaking to a third year friend of mine,

I voiced all doubts and uncertainties, now dealing with one as stubborn as myself is not easy. at all.

It is akin to forcing a mule to move. 

Once the mind is made up, there is no changing it yet somehow unlike the others, he didn’t tell me what to do, he rather told me how to make the best of it.

he mentioned i’d need a background in some form of politics or something to make me employable overseas and I found my little loophole ( just as a back up plan). 

For now however..

I’ll stick with the plan I had made and see it through for the year,

who knows.. I MIGHT fail or I MIGHT pass better than the first curriculum adviser ever expected.

This year is mine and mine alone.

Only I can decide what’s best for me in the long run 

and the same applies to you.

I’ll blog about the various trials ans tribulations involved throughout this year
The uncertainties, the friends, the frenemies and even the lectures and who knows what else university life may throw at me.

All the best
The Fresher ”

Well .. I’m not such a “Fresh” fresher anymore XD …

But then again, C’est la vie 🙂


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