Thoughts on love

Once I wrote a piece entitled love.. it went a little like this:


Truly loving someone means that you are willing to let them go,
Even if it means you will be hurt…
It means loving someone enough to let them decide what is the best for them,
Trusting them to make the right decisions.

It is accepting someone with all their quirks and habits,
Without trying to change them.
It is loving them for who they are and not what you can mould them to be.

It means distance is trivial, when it truly matters.
It means that no matter how the person changes;
You will stay by their side.

It’s turbulent; it’s not calm.
It cannot be measured,
It cannot be orderly.
It cannot be forced.

Love just Is”

And lately I’ve realized what I had written was spot on. Me with all my inexperience of life instinctively knew how meaningful love could be. I knew then what I believe now. I knew that love meant being able to let go, even if it hurts. It meant placing not just your faith but your heart in someone else’s hands and having enough faith, hope and trust in them to know they will make the right choice and decision. I knew it meant accepting them no matter what, regardless of quirks, habits or problems. It also meant accepting them as they are without feeling the need to stamp our mark on their beings, changing or making them into something they can never be and in return hoping they would feel the same and hoping they would not attempt placing their mark on you or trying to change you. It means even though you loved them as they were when you met and they loved you for who you were, people change and so does love. Sometimes for the better and sometimes… to our own detriment. Distance and separation means nothing. Obstacles can make or break you even if you want things to remain the same. Love cannot be forced. We cannot pretend to love nor can we accept love that is not real, even though we desperately wish it were real. We cannot forsake our own happiness for the sake of others nor expect them to do the same in the name of love. In the end it just leads to misery for both people involved. One cannot try and recapture that which is lost or never had a chance to thrive but only move forward and hope things get better because THAT is what love can be. It can be a never ending hope. A dream. A dare. A chance to discover who you are when with someone who allows you to be you. It is untamable and wild. Like the ocean, it is not only passionate and turbulent; it is as calm and serene, smooth as glass. It is the quintessence of life itself. It drives us towards what we can only hope is a better, brighter future. A place of new beginnings, an eternal Eden. A place where our hearts can be free.


Recently my great uncle passed away during the night on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2012 , he was 81 years old.

He would’ve been married to my great aunt for 60 years, this December and one of the last things he did on Tuesday night was go and sit with his wife and tell her how much he loved her. He asked her if she still loved him and she replied “Yes I do, how can you ask me such a stupid question”. He then proceeded to tell my great aunt exactly how much he loved her and how much she meant to him, he also thanked her for being his wife.

A love like that, is hard to find, impossible to forget and eternal to those touched by it.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on love

  1. this is so beautiful and so true, i really really like it a lot.

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