What is it with people and celebs?

Seriously, people tend to like or do whatever their favourite celebs do.
A celeb can make a stupid status on Facebook and at least 100 people will still ‘like’ it. Uhmmm helloooo? Do you not have a brain… you know that thing in your skull… yeah… Shake your head hopefully if something rattles it hopefully is in there although it may be a tad small or if no sound comes out just hope its soo big it takes up all the space in your cranium.

People tend to dress and act like their favorite celebs. They make them out to be heroes or gods. Seriously people

Robert Pattinson did NOT stop world hunger, he just played a fairy in a movie
Chris Brown is NOT the poster boy for the United Nations Anti-Violence Against Women Campaign
Wearing your pants down low so the world can see your underwear is NOT cool, you’re not a rapper in Bronx or wherever. You’re NOT 2pac. Seriously how the hell do you expect to run/duck and roll with your pants that low when some dudes trying to shoot you? You’re going to DIE
Yes girls in Celebville its “OK” (Note the sarcasm) to be super anorexic or bulimic they can afford all those lovely medical bills that go along with it, plus they always seem to get better after months of rehab before they relapse again. In REALITY you will more often than not DIE

People don’t realize that Celebs need us waaay more than we need them. They’re placed on a pedestal in society because they can sing/dance/act/write/direct etc, apparently better than everybody else, but who’s the person that decides that they are better? Who gives them THAT much power? We do.

Can you imagine what life would have been like if…

Nelson Mandela wanted revenge instead of peace?
Florence Nightingale went on strike because she wasn’t getting paid enough?
Alexander Fleming decided he didn’t want to work 16hr days with little wage and quit his job, BEFORE he discovered Penicillin?
Hippocrates believed magic healed people… yes, washing in whatever animal’s blood WILL cure you…

And those are just a few names of people who changed the world, people who taught forgiveness is better than revenge. People who proved helping others is worth a lot more than money. That resilience pays off… sometimes in a small way and sometimes in a really big way.

So many teens want the celeb life they see on TV, they hear about on the radio, they read about in magazines. So think about this… Do you really want to become a Celeb? Do you really want your life to be a media circus?

No privacy. People digging through your trash, people making up lies to sell a story. People digging up your past. People you thought were friends selling your story to the highest bidder. Cameras invading your personal space, everywhere you look. Everywhere you go. Not being able to make one “tiny” common mistake without the world critising you, like you were the only one on the planet to do it. People judging you at face value, without even knowing you. Stalkers following you, threatening you. Are you sure you want all of that? It’s not the pretty life celebs make it out to be. It’s a far cry from perfect.


What if you want the hype? The drama? The glitz and the glam? What if you give in? what if you want the life, Crave the life, that in the end drove so many before you into the “comforting” world of alcoholism and drugs? The life that took their lives.

What then?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t like these people because I would be lying if I said I didn’t like a few. Just get your priorities straight. So many people sideline everyday, normal people that help them because their eyes are on the stars, when whoever said “reach for the stars” he/she never meant people we see on TV, people we listen to on the radio, people whose books we buy or movies we watch, he/she meant to appreciate the beauty around you. Life at its best, not people playing a character. Real people. Real emotions. No script. No director to shout cut. No retakes till its “right”

In the end, it’s all about balance. Like these celebs but don’t worship them. Don’t try and emulate what you see them do on TV, that’s just scripted if something goes wrong they can just retake the scene. But you. You can’t retake your life. Value the people around you, people you see, people who love you as you love them. Not some celeb in “Far Far Away”. They have their own families who love them. They have their own friends. Live your own life, not the life of a TV character.


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