I am so sick of feeling lonely.

I am so sick of feeling lonely.

I am sick of pulling the wrong people closer and the right ones away.

I am sick of indulging in romance novel so I can pretend that one day I will meet my price charming,

I have met too many frogs so far in this short little life of mine to have any other opinion and I honestly doubt I would be lucky enough to find my prince charming considering my current restrictions ( refer to “No Material Possession” )

I hate this bleak feeling I have when I go sleep each morning after a night spent with my studies or reading a romance novel.

I hate this lethargic feeling when I wake up each afternoon;

As if my life has become a seemingly dull and endlessly repetitive cycle that I cannot seem to escape from.

I mean in the beginning of the year I had met and fallen for a guy that basically used me and then discarded me until he felt like he needed a toy again, I do not deserve that. No woman with any self respect does but I sometimes long for those moments where I felt wanted beyond measure.



As if I did not have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders alone anymore and I had someone to help me when I had fallen, someone who would not take my burden just someone who would be there without question if I needed him to help me up and maybe even share it as in turn would share his.

Sometimes I think I just need someone to love and someone who would love me


But in our society unconditional love is a rarity, heck I mainly feel unconditional love for my dogs (and my two aunts and best friends but that is beside the point).

Sometimes (like with the guy mentioned earlier on in piece) we need to realize what we deserve and we need that more than what we what; because when are patient enough to wait for what we deserve we ultimately get what we what as well.

Life? She is funny is she not?

Favouring only the select few  but that is a story for another day


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