The Greatest Friend

Sometimes we say “oh hey! This is so and so and they’re my best friend” yet a few months down the line “so and so” has become “what’s her face” .. And yes .. “What’s HER face” women in general are a lot more fickle about friendships than men..

Most men have this great simplicity about them ..They either have a bro-mance or a no-mance .. There are their best friends, friends and people they don’t like. Period
We women tend to over analyse and over complicate our friendships. Much in the same manner we over analyse our relationships with those of the less fairer sex..

Women will almost always be nice at face value to other women. We will play nice but beware .. There are hidden claws and venomous fangs..
Sometimes, it seems as if a chupacabra would be more straightforward with you than a woman.


There are those rare moments when a woman makes a friend that is truly always there for her, and I’m not talking about those drawn out get to know you over a few months, come to rely on you and value you after years moments. I’m talking about that instant click where two months later you know almost everything about each other.

A no holds barred friendship where you can have your say and know it won’t be taken the wrong way. A friendship in which support for each other, trust in one another and a faith in each other so strong, nothing and no man or woman can attempt to “divide and conquer”.

This no holds barred friendship. Is one I am extremely pleased to say I am a part of.

Recently I met the most fantastic best friend a woman could ask for, and I know I’d do absolutely anything for her and I know she would do the same for me.

Following the massive falling out I had with my father, she offered to drive all the way to my place to fetch me, so i could spend the night at hers. Bearing in mind the fact she could not drive for more than 10 minutes without losing the little food she had left in her stomach.. and I live about 30 or so minute away.

That is the kind of friendship we share.

If she had to come to me with a body I would help her hide it.

If she had problems with her boyfriend (or ex) I would kick his ass.

If she needed a place to stay there is always room at my place.

This is the friend I’d take a bullet for.

I love her to bits and I know she’d do all of those things for me.

Sometimes, as with relationships.
You need the right person to help you shine and sometimes, it is worth the wait πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Friend

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  2. dominuk says:

    ❀ love you right back πŸ™‚

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