She has so many secrets locked up inside nothing can ever come out. Its all trapped in the deepest recesses of her mind, and that’s where it’ll stay.

Only to be visited on days when the will to live is gone, because that’s when the bonds holding Pandora shut,break, and not even hope remains.

Something to plague the mind, body and spirit to such an extent, the next logical step involves a little magic trick learnt with a blade.

The selling of ones soul to those that dwell in the inferno, hoping to become blissfully numb and unaware.

Lulled into false security, tricked into an act that cannot be undone.

The plague returns and takes over, destroying the shell. Leaving everything a hollow husk.

The former glory of a life lived on his righteous path, in his comforting embrace, destroyed. Leaving only a hollow person.
In a hollow world.

Worst of all?
Pandora’s out.

The life blood filled with Anger,
Eyes screaming the inner Loneliness,
A husk made for Lust,
The remains of a heart drowning in Guilt,
A mind filed with Sorrow,
A mouth perfected for Betrayal,
The tongue lined with the serpents Silver,
Hands immaculately clean to deal in Greed,
A shell perfected for the downfall of mankind.

The perfect Disease for a world so cold.


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